What our mission is

The mission of NGP Inc. is to maximize the potential of rural communities. We accomplish this by identifying and promoting policies and practices that support an integrated approach to economic opportunity, a healthy environment and strong social fabric.

How we approach our work

NGP Inc. approaches its work by utilizing a “look, analyze, act and evaluate” system for addressing needs and opportunities. We identify trends and needs and the related opportunities or challenges. We then carefully research and analyze the trend, need or opportunity to understand the implications for rural communities. We follow with appropriate actions based upon our analysis – a strategy report, a training program, or a demonstration project. Finally, we evaluate the results, determining whether the work effectively addresses the need or opportunity involved and leads to measurable results that can be used. An area of focus in our work is multi-jurisdictional collaboration.

The following principles guide our work

Successful rural development requires an integrated approach, linking the economy, the environment and society together. Development efforts should build upon a community’s human and natural capital and its financial and philanthropic resources. Entrepreneurs must be empowered to look beyond local and regional boundaries. Rural communities must anticipate and invest in emerging opportunities. We must invest in people – through innovative education and training programs to ensure a vibrant, inclusive and energetic future. Development strategies should mirror the diversity of a community’s people and environment.